¨I am a man of God, what I am doing is business¨ Willy Paul trolled for defending his dirty videos

¨I am a man of God, what I am doing is business¨ Willy Paul trolled for defending his dirty videos

If there is one artist Kenyans haven´t given a break, it must be Willy Paul. This is just because of his controversial music that keeps leaving fans in a dilemma.

You might be his die-hard fan but it gets to some point, you even start questioning your sanity.

Well, he has heard your sentiments and has finally responded. First, he trashes all critics who wake up to just criticize his music.

His new release ´Bure kabisa´ has left jaws dropped, unsure of who exactly he is anymore.

Up and close on K24, the singer today clarified his relationship with God, especially through his music.

For him, he is just doing business and he remains a man of God.

I am a man of God, whatever I am doing, is just business. What matters is your relationship with God.

We have no problem with him staying faithful to God. After all, that is a personal conviction. However, his kind of music has really derailed us from believing he is still a gospel artist.

With his last release ´Chuchuma´, leaving us awe-struck. Now we have ´Bure Kabisa´. What comes next?

Bure Kabisa

Speaking regarding his new jam ´Bure Kabisa´, the singer says it is all about slamming Kenyan girls who are a fake.

According to the lyrics, it is all about love that went sour, bashing his lover for being a pathological liar. So he calls her out and tells her off, never to return.

For him, the physical features she has, is just mechanical because deep inside, she is something completely different, that never deserved him in the first place.

He additionally defended his Instagram post that displayed bare obscene material. A video he posts with his ¨Bure Kabisa¨ song lyrics heard in the background. Captioning:


Fans have bashed him for being a traitor and possibly lacking respect with the kind of material he has the audacity to put up for the public.

U enjoying o,Willy is going in 🔥🔥


don’t praise him to be happy with you, this guy already have HIV


What’s this


Wee Willy mshenzi sana uliikuja kwa kuimba gospel saiv shetani ashakuteka


Dah yaani hii mijanamke sijui inatokea kuzimu au wapi, yaani hii ndio hatua hao malaya wanajiita video vixen wamefikia? na wewe msanii kichefuchefu ndio nini kufanya huu udhakilishaji kwa wanawake?! hivi umezaliwa na mwanamke au umetapikwa!? Sina jinsi basi tu 🤔


money is devil 👿,ladies decided to stay naked 🙆‍♀️


Enyewe wamekuchanganya


I was your fan when you were gospel singer BT umepotea wewe, this not good at all


Hell is waiting for you


Former gospel artiste, Willy Paul is at it again. Just weeks after releasing the indelicate song, ‘Lamba Nyonyo’!….Lakini si ni Life?😂😂😂 #CloutIsImportant


Waah I do know utakoma wen aki may God forgive you


Jamani I love you pozee but siwezo saport hi video juu watoto watona uchi ya wanawake surely funika hizo nyap plz


Ii Mutua hatakubali🙌🙌🙌🔥😂😂😂😂😂😂


itakua banned before its even released


ibaniwe as soon


Ezekiel atai burn tu


Mmhhh willy hii ngoma kitu mbaya ni video haifai kwa jamiii c poa kabisaaaaa noooooooo


Mtombaji 🙄🙄😂😂😂😂😂


 not mtombaji ni mkunaji😋😋😋😋😋😋🍆🍆👌👌👌💕


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