17 hours of labor – Tanasha opens up on her birth complications

17 hours of labor – Tanasha opens up on her birth complications

Well, Tanasha gave birth yesterday, as Diamond clocked the third floor too. That sure is news, though probably stale by now.

All this while we thought we had a baby Simba whose eyes were gradually opening to the world’s realities but he was still tucked deep inside his mother’s womb.

Fine, it’s a harsh reality we have to accept. However, despite being Diamond’s third baby mama, surrounded by life’s milk and butter, her pregnancy wasn’t all rosy.

Through her Insta pages, the world welcomes an hours-old baby boy but Tanasha suffered complications for her to grace her lover with an adorable son.

Opening up about her first time experience, Tanasha pens:

17 hours of labor at 42 weeks, natural birth.. but it was all worth it. God is good. I’m now a mom to a healthy beautiful baby boy who shares a bday with my love. Thank you Lord🙏

It might have spelt doom to her but she emerged victorious and remains thankful to the Lord Almighty.

Additionally, according to a source, the baby boy developed minor health complications but has since then recovered.

The now mother of 1 apparently gave birth at the Aga Khan hospital, but with tight security to ensure ultimate safety of the little one and her mother.

42 weeks though, means roughly 10 months and 2 weeks..right? I leave it at that.

Anyway, Congratulations to the couple and now small family!

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