70-year-old Lotion Thief Tells Court he’s Bewitched

70-year-old Lotion Thief Tells Court he’s Bewitched

A 70-year-old man has been charged with stealing two bottles of Nivea Nourish lotion from a Naivas supermarket along Jogoo Road.

Edward Macharia appeared before a Makadara court and confessed to stealing the lotions of 400ml valued at Sh1,720. Macharia, who is serving a three-year probation sentence, committed the offence on September 20.

According to the prosecution, the supermarket manager and the CCTV operator were on duty when they saw Macharia pick up a shopping basket and head straight to the aisle holding the lotions. He took two Nivea For Men and hid them in his heavy jacket and proceeded to pick Sh10 Kensalt, the report reads.

As he was about to leave, the CCTV operator raised the alarm and the manager rushed to the door and block him from leaving. He was arrested and escorted to Jogoo police station by the manager.

In court, Macharia blamed witchcraft for the offence saying that someone from his village bewitched him.

Interestingly, in August, Mr Macharia was sentenced for the theft of lotion from the same supermarket.

“I am very sorry for the offence and I cannot tell why I keep stealing the same kind of lotion from the same supermarket,” Macharia told the court.

Magistrate Merisia Opondo, who sentenced Macharia in August, was visibly shocked as she asked the accused why he could not go back to the village since he was old.

“At your age, it is shameful to be committing such offences,” she said.

The accused promised to go back to his village if the court forgives him.

The magistrate declined to sentence him and forwarded the file to another magistrate.


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