Amber Guyger Is Sentenced to 10 Years for Murder of Botham Jean

Amber Guyger Is Sentenced to 10 Years for Murder of Botham Jean

Originally from the Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia, Mr. Jean, a 26-year-old accountant, had been living in Dallas, where his family said he was careful to wear Ralph Lauren dress shirts and drive the speed limit to avoid encounters with police.

His father, Bertrum Jean, recalled his routine of speaking with his son on the phone each Sunday, to share moments from church services and photos of home-cooked meals.

“My Sundays have been destroyed,” he told the jury.

The jury also heard from Ms. Guyger’s mother and sister, who testified that in the year since the shooting, her normally upbeat and outgoing personality had faded, as she expressed her regret and a desire to have traded places with Mr. Jean.

“She feels bad spending time with her family because he can’t be with his,” her sister, Alana Guyger, said.

The Dallas County district attorney, John Creuzot, said prosecutors were pleased with the sentence. “Personally, I expected perhaps longer, but I respect what they did,” he said. He urged protesters to look to Mr. Jean’s family, especially his brother. “If they can see his healing,” he said, “maybe they can find some of their own.”

At a news conference after the trial, Mr. Jean’s mother, Allison Jean, said that the family would keep fighting for police accountability. “That 10 years in prison is 10 years for her reflection and for her to change her life,” she said. “But there is much more to be done by the city of Dallas.”


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