Andrew Kibe breaks his silence on the matter of his debt

Andrew Kibe breaks his silence on the matter of his debt

You have to love Andrew kibe’s guts. While most celebrities would have slunk into some hole to hide in, waiting for the storm to blow over. Andrew Kibe seems aware that it is always calmer in the eye of the storm.

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As the story goes, Andrew Kibe was in a fix and he approached his friend Joshua Ichang’i Weru for a soft loan of Ksh.215,000 but there was a caveat: he had to pay 7.5% interest with each passing month. That was back in 2012.

According to the court documents, the sum was never paid and it kept accruing interest for 7 years. The sum of 215,000 now sits pretty at a healthy figure of 2.5 million shillings.

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Kibe took to his social media to address the story:

According to Kibe, this is a question of betrayal among friends. Andrew Kibe said,

Nilikuwa nimeshikwa am free now talk to me leteni maswali yote mlikuwa nayo kuwa na deni si kitu kubwa ata kuna country ziko na deni, lakini kunishika stesheni iyo nni ungwana kweli?” he said.

” I pray that you treat your friends with leniency coz iyo mbio imepelekwa na mtu i thought he was my friend, my friends nimeonyeshwa maneno so please treat your friends with leniency hata kama ako na deni yako isiwe ni kukufa ama kukata na shoka be easy otherwise shall we have any friend any more


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