ATTENTION: Noordin Mohamed Haji Must Not Be Appointed The New D.P.P.!

ATTENTION: Noordin Mohamed Haji Must Not Be Appointed The New D.P.P.!

Jubilee plans to permanently “fix” the Judiciary through the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (O.D.P.P.). It must be understood that fixing the judiciary goes beyond intimidating judges. It actually reflects a system of zero justice where atrocities committed by the government against the ordinary citizens go unpunished. Therefore, this revelation must worry every Kenyan and they must resist such moves.

It is quite obvious that from the list of shortlisted candidates for the office of D.P.P., Noordin Mohamed Haji is Jubilee’s favorite. That means he will be appointed the next D.P.P. and Kenyans must be very afraid if not worried.


Mr. Haji is the son of Yusuf Haji, the current Jubilee Senator for Garrissa County. The smoking gun which pin points to why the ordinary man should be worried is that he is a National Intelligence Service (NIS) operative. NIS is the same body that apparently spies on dissenting voices, who ultimately end up dead. Those deaths have never been solved posing even more questions as to why this body really exists.

It must also be understood that NIS has never averted any threats of terrorism, for all have always materialized leaving many civilians dead.

Appointing such a person to the O.D.P.P. means that the government is determined to preserve, and transmit the culture of deliberate injustice to all systems. Consequently, it will sift citizens like wheat in the corridors of justice.

Such moves are always made by regimes that are planning genocides or mass assassinations of dissenting political figures. Kenyans must be very wary because such a path leads to a societal-death-valley of no return. Prevention is better than cure!


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