Best times to play bingo

Best times to play bingo

If you’re a real bingo lover you’re probably about to say “anytime is the best time to play bingo!” And we can’t argue with you on that one. However, you might be curious to know that the time of day or night that you play bingo can have an impact on your chances of winning the game, or so some claim! Read more to find out and play online bingo at

When should I play bingo for the best chance of winning?  

While there are lots of other factors which contribute to whether you will win bingo, and the game itself is all down to luck and there is no real way of influencing the game as the numbers are drawn at complete random. However, one tip shared by a player who swears by this is that playing at a certain time can increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. Some players swear by playing bingo early in the morning and that this is the best time of day to play, so maybe the early bird really does catch the worm! However, different players swear by different times of the day, insisting this is their lucky window, which makes you wonder if it’s just down to coincidence.  

Do your research 

Get researching what the peak hours are for the game of bingo you’re wanting to play, whether that is an online bingo game or a bingo game in a real-life bingo hall. This will mean you can work out when the busiest times are and this will then inform you when would be the best time to play – when there are fewer players. With a land-based bingo game, this would be early in the morning, super late at night or during office hours of 9am and 5pm when most people will be in the office or out running errands. Playing during these quieter times could mean you will have an increased chance of winning.  

However, it could be a completely different ball game for online bingo, as players can access the bingo games whenever and wherever they are. However, if you’re a night owl, you could make this work in your favour as a lot of bingo players won’t be logging on to play bingo after 11pm as they will mostly be going to bed. Likewise, logging on at 5am to play if you’re an early bird might prove to be fruitful as lots of players won’t be awake! Research is key here, so try out different times of the day and see which works best for you.  

Another trick bingo player’s use is to play at a land-based casino during spells of bad weather, when most people won’t bother to venture out of the house. On the flip side, online bingo games will most likely have more players during bad weather. Other players also tactfully play bingo games when the jackpots are lower as this attracts fewer players.  

Smaller spoils 

The only downside of playing during quieter periods is that this often means there are fewer cash prizes to be won, especially when you’re playing online bingo. Simply put, the more players involved, the bigger the prizes up for grabs, but this means the odds of winning are lower the more people playing, so you’ve just got to work out which would be the best strategy for yourself! Despite the lower jackpots on offer, players do still think playing during quieter times is a brilliant tactic to follow as even if you make smaller, more frequent wins, this could amount of significant winnings! Rather than holding out for a huge jackpot, you’re much less likely to win. But the decision is entirely up to you, as for some bingo players, the big jackpots are just too tempting to resist.  

Eyes down! 

Another reason why players benefit from playing when it’s not as busy is due to there being significantly fewer distractions so they can focus on the game at hand, especially in a brick and mortar bingo hall when there are many distractions all-around players. When it’s quiet, players often find it easier to focus, keep their “eyes down” and concentrate on the game! Many land-based bingo halls have a zero talking policy during play so players don’t miss numbers or forget to mark their numbers on their bingo card. This could make a huge difference and players can miss out on huge sums of money if they don’t focus on the game – so even though bingo is meant to be fun and sociable – you won’t win by being a social butterfly!  

Other things to consider 

Although it’s good to be mindful of the best times to play bingo, there are other factors that can help make your game of bingo a successful one. For instance, bingo player chat rooms have been a great benefit to players playing online bingo. The chat rooms allow players to chat with one another and come with plenty of bonuses and freebies to take advantage of and help you win. Players in the online chat rooms can also gain hints and tips from other experienced players. 

Timing is integral in Bingo, no matter if you play online or in a real-life bingo hall and a player’s chances of winning are upped significantly when there are fewer players taking part in the game, however, there is a trade-off with the amount of prize money on offer when playing bingo with fewer players if you play online bingo. However, this isn’t the case with many land-based bingo establishments, as they pay out the jackpot amount no matter how many players are taking part in the game. As with most casino games, it’s all down to personal preference what’s more important to you – whether you love the thrill of playing for a huge, life-changing jackpot, or if you’d be content with smaller but more frequent wins. No matter what you’re playing for, or what time of day (or night) you’re playing bingo – remember bingo is all about having fun first and foremost – and any winnings are a bonus!



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