Busted! This is how university students sneak weed into campus

Busted! This is how university students sneak weed into campus

Weed may be illegal in Kenya but the amount being consumed by campus students is alarming!

As the authorities try to stop the youth from  getting access to weed or even peddling, they have come up with smarter ways to outdo them.

The weed business is clearly booming in campuses and statistics show that almost 70% of university students are consumers of the ‘herb’.

Just like every business, the weed business has levels and stages that enables income generation and circulation of the product.

Meet the stages:

1. The supplier

The supplier is the head of production. He/she distributes the weed in large quantities (wholesale) to peddlers. To entice peddlers, the supplier throws in some extra weed for his regular customer. In fact there’s also bei ya jioni in case he feels like he needs to move his stock quickly.

They run the business on the streets and each of them is classified according to the quality of their ‘shash‘.

Most common places to find them would be in movie shops, miraa joints or at the comfort of their homes,  if they are that liberal.

Oh, and they offer deliveries too for huge orders to regular customers whom they trust.


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2. The dealer

This is the kingpin of supplying in colleges and campuses often referred to as the ‘peddy’ (peddler).

After buying the product from the supplier, the dealer then wraps the weed using a special paper called a ‘rizzler’ into joints which are sold for Ksh50-100 progressively depending on the quality of the weed.

Usually they are smartly dressed so as not to arouse any suspicion especially at entry points of campuses.

Most peddlers are students because they already have relationships with fellow students enough for them to trust that they are not undercover cops.

They have mastered how yiu, the buyer. want to be addressed and that is their appeal.

Female peddlers have a number of places they would sneak the weed into campuses, undetected. They hide the drugs in their boobs, make up bags and small purses in their handbags.

Male peddlers may put theirs in their wallets and in books if they are still students.

Most security gadgets only react to metallic objects.

The smokers or buyers of the peddled drugs also use similar means to ferry their drugs into campus for break time smoking.

The peddlers are always innovative on how they circulate the product. It is sold either as joints, cookies, mandazis etc depending on the safety of the product and as per the preference of the buyer.

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3. Consumer’s smoking zones

Consumer’s of the holy herb can be anyone really. The peddlers don’t discriminate their customers as long as you have money, you’re the target audience for the product.

They are famous for puff puff pass sessions where they come together, sit in circles and pass the blunt among 10 people. Oh and they always have a lighter everywhere they go.

They mostly meet up in open fields where they can see anyone approaching from any angle because smoking weed within the school premises is illegal.

They also love congregating on roof tops as well they like the breeze so the weed smell is blown away by the wind.

And that, good people is how weed gets into campuses and is smoked without the university management being none the wiser.


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