Cate Waruguru Proposes Bill To Make Circumcision Compulsory

Cate Waruguru Proposes Bill To Make Circumcision Compulsory

Cate Waruguru has proposed a bill to the house of cards, seeking to legitimize circumcision as a compulsory and mandatory practice among all males.

Cate said that she was compelled to draft this bill after witnessing a series of ugly incidents regarding the keeping of the useless cap on a man’s rod. Having assessed the various situations fulfilling, she said there was an urgent need by the government of Kenya to initiate laws that compel youths to accept the rite as a compulsory exercise.

Waruguru said that six of her ten closest female friends confessed that they have greatly suffered from strange and indescribable sexually transmitted infections resulting from intimacies held between them and men who didn’t go through circumcision.

To the right: Raila Odinga who has been on the receiving end regarding circumcision

She registered her sincere disappointment, saying the men are not only a disgrace to the country but equally ignorant of the stage in which the world has reached, adding that it’s almost unheard of to find a real man keeping a whole string of folded umbrella on the tip of their manhood.

Hon Waruguru described these men as cowardly and childish, saying that even children of barely a month old, are today subjected to the practice and it doesn’t kill them.

The Laikipia women rep insisted that the Kenyan government must keenly look into the matter and support the bill to become a law. She called on members of the national assembly to join arms in seeing to it that sanity is returned among the Kenyan men, who according to her, were already treading on a lost and hopeless trail.

Apart from providing a conducive environment for growth and multiplication of germs which in turn beget disease-causing organisms, Cate said the prepuce, when fully opened, emits an oddly irregular stench, capable of sending a small child gasping for breath. She said the odor usually released from the cap is itself pollution to the environment and should never be encouraged among the male youths in the society.

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The women representative promised that the move to see her motion successfully passed was one that had to come through.

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She, meanwhile, made a clarion call to the many men out there who are already circumcised, to encourage their defiant counterparts to embrace the exercise way before it is made a basic requirement and compulsory expectation by the government.


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