Chilling Prophecy By Ng’ang’a On Snoopdog’s Death

Chilling Prophecy By Ng’ang’a On Snoopdog’s Death

Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Ministries has given a chilling prophesy that has caused fear to his followers and the world.

The controversial preacher had expressed his disappointment in the American based musician Snoop Dogg, following the latter’s sharing of Ng’ang’a video on his page, inviting angry and mocking reactions from the public.

Snoop Dogg had apparently shared a video clip of Pastor Ng’ang’a in which the pastor was seen to be literally hitting and slapping the head of a young boy before embarking on the adults in the name of driving away demons and evil powers, a chilling scene.

In the clip, both the boy and the adults appeared highly cooperative and comfortable from what the next person would term as assault or violation of a people’s rights to worship

Interestingly, the singer had beautifully captioned the pastor’s clip, bringing out sarcasm and mockery in high scales. Snoop Dogg had said that the pastor had resorted to hitting his own sheep in order to get an avenue afterwards for asking and receiving contributions, which, in turn enables him to survive.

Whereas the pastor had come clear to explaining that his flock had no problem with his way of administering to them, a number of remarks on the clip criticized him for being more of a reckless minister than a humble shepherd.

Consequently, pastor Ng’ang’a took the war to Snoop Dogg, describing him as lost man in the midst of western culture and pronounced a calamity that would befall him for disgracing a servant of God.

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“Hiyo snifu ndog asipochunga, hatakula krismasi na sisi,” he had said, roughly translating to the possibility of the musician kicking the bucket before the year ends.

He referred to Snoop Dogg as a bloody lunatic whose course for life is not founded on a Christian background and one which is full of sinful excesses and evil deeds. He said just like the rest of the disrespectful people towards the men of God, Snoop Dogg would crush sooner than later if he would not be quick to make formal apologies both in the media and on a personal basis to him.

Snoop Dogg is said to have since pulled down the clip from his page, with others saying the singer could have been stung by the Pastor’s bitter cries and embarrassment caused by the viraling of the clip.

Though many are not sure if the singer has made the apology demanded, some believe his deliberate action to delete the clip says it all.


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