Citizen Arrest! Passengers Arrest Speeding Driver and Bundle Him to a Police Station

Citizen Arrest! Passengers Arrest Speeding Driver and Bundle Him to a Police Station

This is the true definition of ‘Luhya unity!’ Passengers traveling from Kakamega to Nairobi who were not willing to gamble with their souls “arrested” a driver who they accused of reckless driving and handed him to police.

The passengers, refusing to immaturely meet their maker courtesy of a reckless driver forced the ‘pilot’ to stop the bus before handing him over to police.

The passengers who paid between Sh800 and Sh700 said their journey began in Kakamega on Sunday night. The bus was half full, but the driver picked more passengers along the way.

At Majengo, the driver is said to have ignored the passengers’ appeals to stop speeding.

“When we approached the steep road after Riat in Kisumu, I knew we were done,” said Maurine Odari, who boarded the bus at Majengo.

A group of passengers then went to the driver’s cabin to reprimand him. He then stopped at Mamboleo roundabout, where the passengers pushed him out of the vehicle and called the police.

“We had to act or perish. The driver seemed unfit to drive. We literally had to lift him from the driver’s seat,” said Harizon Wechuli.

But the bus conductor, sensing the fury- fled.

Police arrived some few minutes past midnight and arrested the driver. The bus was impounded.

The passengers then had to walk to Mamboleo police station, where they waited for day break while others sought other means to travel to Nairobi. The bus was later towed to the police station.

Anderson Odak, the vehicle’s owner, told the Standard that the bus was on the road without his knowledge and that it was supposed to be parked at a yard for a buyer to view it.

“We have already arranged how passengers will be transported to Nairobi but I have to sack the entire crew,” he said.

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