Citizen TV’s Rauka Show Host Andy Mburu Quits

Citizen TV’s Rauka Show Host Andy Mburu Quits

Gospel minister and Citizen Tv’s Rauka show host Andy Mburu has announced his exit from the station to advance his studies.

He hosted his final show on Sunday 22 September and took time to bid farewell to his fans and colleagues at the TV station.

Andy Mburu will be heading to London next week to pursue a 6 months course in theology. He joins the likes of Enid Moraa who also quit the show to focus on personal interests.

Andy however assured his fans that he will be back at the show after completing his studies.

“I am asking for prayers from Rauka fans as starting from next week I will be travelling to London to for studies. I have decided to take a break from the show to focus on studies because I believe I will be more effective when I come back from the platform. I will be rejoining the team after 6 months. The program I will be undertaking runs in an institution called Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. The institution is run by a ministry called Ravi Zachariah’s Ministries,” said Andy.





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