Conor McGregor’s New Workout Looks Like He’s In Fighting Shape

Conor McGregor’s New Workout Looks Like He’s In Fighting Shape

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor

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  • Conor McGregor shared an Instagram post depicting his workout.
  • He ‘retired’ from MMA in March, but has recently confirmed that he’s gearing up to fight again.
  • His new workout partner? A very good pup.

    It’s been almost a year since Conor McGregor last fought, but it sure seems like he’s getting ready for his next round.

    The MMA star (and one-time boxer) appears to be working his way back into top shape after announcing his retirement earlier this year (even though UFC President Dana White, and many others, didn’t necessarily believe that he’d really be leaving the sport behind). Sure enough, McGregor confirmed his comeback in an interview earlier in the month—and now he’s ramping up his workout regimen to get back to world champion shape.

    The fighter documented his training in an Instagram post, working hard on his bench press, squats, leg lifts, and more in a 10-photo slideshow. “Building!” he wrote in the caption. Plus, he’s also got a workout partner by his side: a very good dog.

    Rumors have been flying recently about where and when McGregor could be preparing to face in his return to the UFC. He posted congratulations his old foe Nate Diaz, who recently came back to the sport after his own long layoff, and mentioned looking forward to “going again”. Some have speculated that the two could meet again after Diaz’s next fight against Jorge Masvidal in November. Meanwhile, McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh is eyeing Frankie Edgar for the return.

    As for where and when he’ll fight, McGregor mentioned that he thinks something will happen before the end of the year in the interview above. To be more specific, we might just have to read between the lines of his tweets.

    No matter who McGregor is fighting, he’s going to be in peak condition if he keeps up his training. Want to hit some of these moves yourself? Get the basics on the bench press and back squat before you hit the gym to rip through a few rounds.


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