Corruption : How governor Sonko is using bribes to hide Sh357 million corruption case

Corruption : How governor Sonko is using bribes to hide Sh357 million corruption case

The recent Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) investigation into Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has revealed shocking details of plunder in a county most Kenyans thought was doing better under him than his predecessor.

It all began with a growing disquiet among County Executive Committee Members (CECs) and Members of County Assembly (MCAs) about blatant theft of county revenue orchestrated by the Governor in an elaborate scheme that involved use of cronies and foreign banks accounts.

Numerous anonymous letters and complaints to EACC bore no fruit as the Governor pocketed EACC detectives to ensure no investigations into his grand looting scheme were initiated.

The disgruntled CECs and MCAs had no option but to turn to media houses sending their dossiers on garbage collection tenders hoping to go above the heads of the corrupt EACC detectives.

Twalib Mbarak

The exposè caught the eye of EACC boss Twalib Mbarak who immediately ordered that investigations commence setting in motion events that have seen Governor Sonko disappear from the public probably on realizing how his greed has finally caught up with him.

The investigations centred on award of garbage tenders for the 2017/18 and 2018/19 financial years.

Garbage tenders  

In the preliminary stages of the investigation EACC grilled the Governor to find answers on why companies like Aende Group were awarded tender despite not being qualified to deliver.

Aende Group Director Derrick Aende, appearing before the County Assembly Environment Committee, admitted that at the time his firm was bidding for the solid waste collection tender it had no prior experience in the industry, “but the personnel had”.

He added that the company had only 15 secretariat members and 52 stewards against a required 200 stewards to clean the 2km-square Nairobi central business district.

It also emerged that Aende Group, which beat three others to the contract, had only existed for 78 days as opposed to at least one year required qualify for the tender.


Governor Sonko’s woes were compounded by EACC’s discovery of Ksh20 million in kickbacks wired into his accounts from firms that got awarded the flawed tenders.

Other firms that have been roped into the investigations are Amaco Insurance, Hardi Enterprises and Yiro Enterprises.

The monies, which moved between some seven companies in a complex web, is a puzzle the EACC has been trying to unravel but one which we can now reveal, the Governor is trying derail by stepping bribery of detectives and intimidation of those keen to build a case against him.

The investigations also led detectives to accounts held by his cronies in Dubai where billions of shillings from the new revenue collection system accounts at National Bank of Kenya are wired and used to buy high-end properties.

Sources claims, Sonko has managed to get to EACC director in charge of investigations, Mr Abdi Mohamud, getting him to slow down the pace of investigations hoping that the matter will die a natural death.

Through the Majority Leader Abdi Guyo, the Governor approached Mohamud with Ksh10 million in cash setting in motion the lull in investigations into the massive corruption at Nairobi County.

Jomo Gechaga

Jomo Gechaga

In a bid to further threaten officers who may want to go above Mohamud’s head at EACC, the Governor has moved into the home of cronies of President Kenyatta’s personal assistant Jomo Gecaga at Riverside Drive in what appears to be an attempt to shield himself from arrest.

Sonko, according to sources who spoke in anonymity, has promised with support from higher ups in State House, to appoint Mr. Gecaga as Deputy Governor in a bid to shield himself from detectives who want to ensure the case is not swept under the carpet.

Some CECs who got fired after refusing to tow the line include former Finance executive Danvas Makori, former County Secretary Peter Kariuki, former County Attorney Lydia Kwamboka and former Health chief officer Mahat Jimale.

It remains to be seen whether DCI will intervene to ensure that justice is done.


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