‘Dad’s prostrate cancer was spotted at stage 4,’ says Tahidi High actor George Muli,

‘Dad’s prostrate cancer was spotted at stage 4,’ says Tahidi High actor George Muli,

Tahidi High actor George Muli has opened up on how trying it has been to watch his dad battle prostate cancer which was almost at stage four.

Speaking about it in an interview with Grace Msalame, George said,

‘My dad started complaining of pain on his arm .

so we took him for a few tests because he is also diabetic so he had a problem with his sugar levels.

George Muli

Towards the end of October, the pain became more intense and the doctors thought it was arthritis or diabetes, it reached a point where he could not even lift his arm.

After seeing a few doctors is when we found out it was cancer and that it was going to stage four.’

George said that the mother advised him not to tell his dad immediately as they needed to be strong for their dad.

‘My mum told me not to tell my dad about what the doctor told us.

We had to be strong for him, after a few days we took him to the doctor and he broke the news to him that he had prostate cancer.

George Muli and his fellow Tahidi High actors

We went for a biopsy and we were told he needed a pep scan. we organized for a fundraiser and we managed to get enough money for his first phase of treatment.

He went alongside my mum who was a nurse.’

George said that having a mum being a nurse helped take care of her dad as she knew the dos and don’ts of taking care of a sick patient.

”Doctors would ask for redundancy tests when they were unnecessary so my mum being a nurse helped ensure things were in order.

They went for the first round of treatment in early December 2018.”

Months after Georges’ parents came back from India his mum started ailing.

‘My mum began complaining of consistent chest pains and we had to rush her to a hospital on the day we were burying my grandfather.

She attended the burial and my dad had three months before resuming his treatment.

George Muli’s parents


We went to three hospitals and all of them misdiagnosed her.

some would say its a chest infection others would say its a heart infection.

I take life it as it comes, dealing with today and not focusing on tomorrow.

That helps by making me note the positive steps I am taking.’

Upon taking the mother to the hospital the results came back inconclusive hence they decided to go to India.

‘When we saw the conflicting diagnosis we went for tests in India in August 2019.

When they did a scan they saw that my dad needed surgery because he had a tumor in his stomach. I made posters and asked for help.


Tahidi High actor George Muli

My mum was still sick and she would tell me ‘let’s focus on your dad and we will deal with my case later’.

Like the caring son, he is, George took his mum for the tests needed to help identify what she was suffering from and she did.

‘I urged her to take the tests and doctors found she had three blocked vessels, this causes problems breathing, etc.

There was no definite cause that the doctors could pinpoint, The surgery was to cost 4000 dollars.’

Asked on how things have been since the diagnosis and what he has learned, George said,

‘Right now we are in a good space

my mum underwent her surgery and she is still recuperating as for my dad so far, so good.

In conclusion, George said,

Some relationships have turned salty because the people you expected to help you did not and those that you expected to didn’t came through for us.

I have also learned not to be bitter with people and to be humble’ 

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