DCI considers inquest on children found dead in car: The Standard

DCI considers inquest on children found dead in car: The Standard

Fifteen people, including senior police officers, have recorded statements as DCI investigators now wrap up the probe into the mysterious death of two children in Athi-River.
The bodies of Alvina Mutheu, 3, and Henry Jacktone, 4, were found in a car parked at Athi-River Police Station on July 1.
The DCI homicide investigators on Friday concluded recording of statements but were yet to get any new leads on the case.

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The families of the minors have now made fresh calls to the DCI to provide them with answers on the death of the two children.
They have also questioned the police findings that the children could have suffocated inside the car.
Saturday, sources familiar with the investigations told the Standard that investigators have since formed the opinion that there was no evidence pointing to murder.
The sources said the investigators are a step away from recommending an inquest after police failed to gather enough evidence to press criminal charges.
“What remains, for now, is the forensic investigation of the maggots presented to the Government chemists. This, however, is unlikely to change the cause of the investigations,” said an officer familiar with the matter.

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A postmortem on the bodies has since ruled out the possibility that the children could have been involved in a hit and run accident.
Government pathologist Johansen Odour further observed that the children did not suffer any broken bones neither did they have any visible body injuries.
But the families have remained adamant that the DCI should establish how the children left their home and ended up in a car at the police station.
Clinton Odhiambo, Jacktone’s father, said, “They should tell us how our children ended up in that car and if anyone was involved.”
Stephen Muthiani, Alivina’s father, said he was equally not convinced that his daughter walked for close to two kilometres to the police station and entered the car.

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