Dead headless man leaves Bungoma village in shock – Weekly Citizen

Grief has engulfed a family from Lukhokhwe village, Bungoma county that had appealed to the government to help them get back the head of their deceased son Geoffrey Khaemba, 42, who is a father of two who is alleged to have been involved in a fatal traffic road accident in Malawi.

Speaking to the media, the wife of the deceased, Susan Nasimiyu said they were shocked to the nerve when they received a headless body from Malawi. It is against tradition to bury a torso in that state.

“My husband who was working with Exotank Transport Company left home on August 18 2019 for work in Mombasa. The following day, he called me to say that he had been assigned a job to transport some cargo to Malawi,” said Nasimiyu, widow to the deceased.

The headless body of the long-distance driver who died in an accident while transporting goods to Malawi has been preserved at Kiminini morgue in Trans Nzoia county as the family ponders on how to get the other part of the body before the body is buried.

“On August 21, I received a report from the company whose headquarters is based in Mombasa informing me that he had been involved in a road accident and unfortunately died on the spot,” she said.

The family made arrangements to transfer the body back to Kenya. A week later, the body arrived at Namanga border point where it was received and picked by an Exotank Company driver who took it to Nairobi where it was received by family members.

“We were not allowed to view it with

reasons that it was thoroughly sealed, we headed at night to Kiminini morgue arriving there at 7am. To our surprise when we unsealed the cargo, the body was lying in a casket with a missing head,” said the widow.

She added that upon inquiring, the driver of Indian origin said that he was given the cargo and knew nothing about it.

On further trying to access more information from the company’s management, there was no clear explanation on where the head was, the company has since gone silent on the matter.

“I urge the government and well wishers to assist me go to Malawi and source for my husband’s head for burial together with his body that is still lying at the morgue,” said Nasimiyu.

“I want my son’s head back so that I can accord him a decent sendoff, according to the Bukusu tradition, we cannot bury a body with no head, and I am calling upon any person to aid me financially so that I can travel to Malawi to get my son’s head,” said Binon Khaemba, the deceased father.

Angelina Namaemba, the deceased’s mother narrated how she had struggled in bringing up her son only to die and his head disappear under mysterious circumstances when he was the only family breadwinner.

“I’m asking the government to help us reach their Malawian counterparts so that we can get my son’s head so that we can offer him a decent burial,” she said.

James Nekhwe, a Bukusu elder said that unless the head of the deceased is found the deceased will allegedly haunt the family and cause misfortunes to the them.

“He will torment the living and the family will experience many problems,” he claimed.

Nekhwe added that if the head is completely lost then a traditional ceremony should be performed by elders at the scene of the accident to appease the deceased so that he cannot come back and haunt the family.

However Bishop Daniel Makecho of House of Power church in Bungoma has appealed to the family to go ahead and bury the body of the deceased unless they are suspecting foul play on the part of the employer arguing that once a person dies even if the body is disfigured or burnt beyond recognition it does not change the plan of God for the remaining family members.

“Once a person dies he awaits judgment and despite the fact that the body is mutilated or completely burnt, a committed christian knows that it does not change the plan of God for the remaining members of the family and neither can he return back. The demons clothed in his body that threaten to haunt the family should be dealt with by the church leaders around the area and the family should put their faith in God who is our sole protector from evil,” Makecho said.


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