Details of How Ruto and His Allies Planned to Impeach Uhuru and How Raila Saved the Day

Details of How Ruto and His Allies Planned to Impeach Uhuru and How Raila Saved the Day
President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

It started right after the polls. Deputy President William Ruto began pushing for former Bungoma governor Kenneth Lusaka to be appointed house speaker to replace Justin Muturi.

The DP wanted Lusaka in parliament to consolidate his following among the block Bukusu community. Ruto wanted Muturi moved to senate. By lobbying for Muturi’s removal, Uhuru was not amused.

Muturi is a close buddy of the President who ensured Muturi retained the house speaker’s position with Lusaka assuming the senate role.

The plot was to use Lusaka and majority leader Adan Duale to remove Uhuru from the top position using parliament which majority of Jubilee MPs are allied to him. The plan was to impeach Uhuru to make Ruto assume presidency in the remaining years and easily win 2022 as an incumbent.

Sensing danger, Uhuru who before this had refused any dialogue with ODM leader Raila Odinga decided to reach out to the Opposition honcho hence the handshake. The move consequently enabled Uhuru to control legislature.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Leader Raila Odinga./COURTESY

Ruto wanted Uhuru out because no vice president in Kenya had managed to succeed and win presidency since introduction of multi-party politics.

Ruto, according to sources, also vehemently opposed the nomination of Maina Kamanda but the president flexed his muscles to have his way. Kamanda is among leaders in Kieleweke which is pulling all stops to ensure the DP does not ascend to the presidency in 2022.

In retaliation, Uhuru sidelined Ruto when it came to Cabinet composition. Uhuru’s brother Muhoho Kenyatta represented the Kenyatta family on cabinet formation. Muhoho was instrumental in naming the now untouchable Cecily Kariuki in the crucial Health ministry.

Transport, Housing and Infrastructure key component in Uhuru’s so-called Big Four Agenda just like Health, was given James Macharia. To further humiliate Ruto, the Agriculture portfolio which falls under Big Four was handed to Mwangi Kiunjuri.

All the big four agendas are controlled by Kikuyus.

There was concern that Ruto allies would loot the projects funds as they had done during his first term they were in charge of Agriculture and Health.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto./COURTESY

It is to be recalled that twice Ruto skipped a State House function where Uhuru was to unveil the cabinet.

Ruto men like Denis Itumbi were unceremoniously removed from State House and replaced by DP’s political foes led by comptroller of State House Kinuthia Mbugua. Of late Ruto, has to book an appointment to visit a State House unlike before.

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