Diamond Platnumz admits he is a failure at…

Diamond Platnumz admits he is a failure at…

When you read the title alot of things must have gone through your mind based off of your biases against Diamond Platnumz. There are the accusations Zari has levelled against him of being a deadbeat father (yet she lives in a house he bought for their children).

Zari Hassan exposes Diamond as a deadbeat father

Then there are the many infidelity allegations swirling around the lad.

Has Diamond Platnumz impregnated his rumoured clande? Lulu Diva responds

But these are just your projections.

Diamond Platnumz has admitted he is a failure when it comes to mountain climbing. The Tanzanian Bongo superstar and icon decided to take on Mt. Kilimanjaro but he gave up after just a short distance.

Diamond Platnumz had vowed he would break a mountain climbing record. Bongo’s biggest artiste tapped his braggadocio to announce that he would ascend the summit in record time.

He failed and has rightfully been trolled.

A hike set to conclude within 24 hours under the hashtag #TwenzetuKileleni which caught the attention of many.

Sadly, mid-way the journey, barely the first 4 kilometres to the first station, Mandara, Chibu could take it in no more and dropped out voluntarily.

Among other celebrities who did not proceed with the hike include comedian Stephen Nyerere, actor JB and rapper Dogo Janja.

Diamond’s excuse for his failure? His performance schedule which is tightly packed.


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