Diamond’s Greatest Fear Made Into Reality By Harmonize

Diamond’s Greatest Fear Made Into Reality By Harmonize

Konde Boy popularly known as Harmonize made a move that many of use wont dare to do against our bosses, introduce competition. Show business just like  any business, after its peak it depreciates and give rise to smaller businesses and Wasafi is at its climax and it would only be fair to give an opportunity to another company, Konde Gang.

Harmonize’s manager Dr. Jembe has made it official that his client is all armed to take heads on against the highly decorated WCB. He stated that Konde Gang is on a mission to overthrow Wasafi which has already been the talk of town for far too long. He added that it is a good move for it will expand the Tanzanian music industry.

“Watanzania tujifunze kufurahia Mafanikio ya wengine..Pale mwingine anapofanya jambo la Kupiga hatua mbele kwenye mafanikio,tunatakiwa kumpongeza kumtia Moyo,kumfariji na Kumuonyesha kwamba INAWEZEKANA!” said Dr. Jembe.

He also urged Tanzanians to focus less on weaknesses but try to encourage one another so that the vim to keep going on remains consistent .

“Sio kutafuta kasoro ziko wapi na kumsemea jinai atakavyofeli na maneno mengi ya kukatisha tamaa..pumbaff..😄😄 Big up dada yangu.You got my support as always.GOD BLESS YOU🔥📢🌏”



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