Don Saladino’s Kettlebell Warmup Will Start Out Your Workout

Don Saladino’s Kettlebell Warmup Will Start Out Your Workout

Every time superhero trainer and Don Saladino and Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. hit the gym together, you can expect great things to happen. The pair’s previous medicine ball toss workout is perfect for honing your balance, core strength, and coordination, and they also teamed up for an arm muscle blaster.

Most recently, Saladino and Samuel showed off a useful series that’ll take your gym warmup to the next level. These rack carry crossovers are a way to “move laterally while creating tension,” as Saladino explained on his Instagram page, while you work everything from your core to your shoulders.

Since Samuel is our fitness director, we got the 411 on intricacies of the exercise. Here’s how you can incorporate this move into your own warmup.

  • Eb says: This move will fire up your core and challenge your coordination a ton. The fact that you need to stay mentally engaged as you do this is what makes it great; it’s waking up your mind as much as it wakes up your body. It’s also great because it’s a move that’s challenge your lower body to rotate while your upper body stays facing one direction.”
  • Eb says: “Your first goal here is to own that front rack position. Squeeze your lats hard, and work to tighten your core. From there, you’re crossing one foot in front then one foot in the back, and alternating that pattern for either time or distance.”
  • Eb says: “Take your time with this. Don’t try to sprint the steps. Your main goal is to keep your torso facing one direction; it’s not to race all the way down. Taking your time also has another benefit: It’s challenging all your postural muscles, from abs to spinal extensors to rhomboids, to consistently carry the kettlebell load.”




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