Dr Chris Kirubi: “Think of Me As A Reminder That Cancer Can Be Treated”

Dr Chris Kirubi: “Think of Me As A Reminder That Cancer Can Be Treated”

Capital Group Ltd Chairman, Dr. Chris Kirubi has shared his cancer journey and a message of hope with the world at this year’s Centum Annual General Meeting. Dr Kirubi who writes form a reflective point said, “I know that cancer diagnosis can be very devastating to the person who is receiving the news and the people close to them.  I have been on the receiving end myself.”

He emphasised the importance of making your health a priority, adopting a healthy lifestyle and going for screening once a year.

” I hope that when you see me and think of me, you remember that cancer is treatable and curable. Go to your doctor and prompt them to profile your blood for cancer cells. We will only defeat cancer if we do something about it and I truly believe we can start with regular cancer screening tests which can catch some cancers early, when they are small, have not spread and are easier to treat.

For those who are battling cancer, I would like to urge you to continue fighting, maintain a positive attitude and take things a day at a time. We shall continue to draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival. Do not give up. There is hope,” said Dr.Kirubi.

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