Egypt: Somalia, Egypt and Kenya Leaders Hold Meeting in New York

Egypt: Somalia, Egypt and Kenya Leaders Hold Meeting in New York

The leaders of Somalia and Kenya have jointly agreed to work towards normalizing relations without any implications for the maritime case at the ICJ.

The agreement was reached following a tripartite meeting facilitated by the African Union chair and current President of Egypt, Abdulfatah El-Sisi at the sideline of United Nations General Assembly in New York.

According to a press statement from Villa Somalia, President Farmajo and his counterpart, Mr. Kenyatta agreed to fully normalize diplomatic relations which took a new twist from February this year.

“The two countries agreed to return the diplomatic engagement to where it was in February this year and take diplomatic steps to build confidence between the governments and people of the two nations.” The statement said.

The two neighboring countries also agreed to formulate joint committee from both governments to implement the fruitful agreements between Mogadishu

and Nairobi.

“The two leaders have agreed to avoid any further step to complicate the situation in the region but rather put more efforts on the fight against terror.”

Villa Somalia press statement, however, stressed that the federal government of Somalia emphasized on the need of both countries in respecting the role of the ICJ in managing the disputed maritime case.

“The Federal Government of Somalia stressed the significance of The Hague based court to independently handle the maritime dispute case in which the two agreed.”


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