Ex-Andela engineers launch Eden, a TaskRabbit for Nigeria

Ex-Andela engineers launch Eden, a TaskRabbit for Nigeria

Eden, is a TaskRabbit for house chores in Nigeria connecting busy homeowners to vetted, trained and high-quality service providers in Lagos, Nigeria.

Founded by Nadayar Enegesi, Prosper Otemuyiwa and Silm Momoh, Eden is calling itself a room service for homes offering concierge services such as laundry, meals, house cleaning, equipment maintenance, among others.

“If you are Nigerian, you understand that things are just unnecessarily difficult. Buses are hot creaky metal death-boxes that could catch fire at any moment. You need to queue to join the queue that connects to the queue to get your voters’ card, driver’s license and international passport photographs. You enter a ride-hailing taxi so you can get stuff done on the go; only for the driver to ask you for directions,” said Enegesi.

To simplify life for its users in Lagos, Eden is borrowing a leaf from gig economy which enabled people with some money but little time to hire people with little money but some time to do specific, time-bound tasks.

“We have studied this phenomenon and used those insights to create a blueprint for our idea of sustainable African cities,” said Enegesi. “We imagine a complete redesign of society and the principles that drive it. We are creating new cultures, systems and processes to ensure that people who provide services are rewarded properly and the people who require those services receive the highest quality of service possible.

Founding team

The Eden team believes that building on the gig principle from the ground up will ensure efficient, better-designed and scaleable model for African cities that can be replicated across the continent.

Eden works simply by onboarding the best service providers in Nigeria via its Eden Services Quality Blueprint.

“Since April 2019, we’ve screened 97 service partners and on-boarded 9 after they met the Eden Quality Standard,” said Enegesi. “We take special pride in our Gardeners (the concierge arm of Eden). At the moment, Eden is powered by 6 Gardeners, and that number will grow with our customer base.”

Eden has two platforms called Garden and Lighthouse. Garden is the user’s Eden app, updating the user when your home has been cleaned, the fridge restocked, among others while Lighthouse learns a user’s preferences and requirements, routes them to the most appropriate Service Partners on schedule, and guides the Gardeners on how best to coordinate the delivery of your services.

Eden has served 58 customers accessing a range of over 772 services through its closed beta pilot between April and August 2019. The human-powered, tech-enabled service aims to put as many household chores on autopilot as possible using its well-trained home service providers.

“Eden is a superior answer to the problem of tedious home chores. We understand humans and homes in ways that no one else does and use technology to deliver stellar service every single time,” says the firm. Eden does background checks on its service partners to ensure safety for its users.



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