Female MP calls for Joshua Kutuny’s ‘castration’

Female MP calls for Joshua Kutuny’s ‘castration’

Joshua Kutuny

Cherangany Member of Parliament Joshua Kutuny has been described as the lost son of the Kalenjin community.

Politicians allied to Team Tanga Tanga believe Kutuny, the de facto leader of Kieleweke in the Rift Valley, is digging his own political grave going by his stand on the Mau eviction and plight of farmers from the rift.

Moreover, the outspoken MP has been accused of sabotaging Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid, claims which he has dismissed, arguing that he only differs with Ruto on ideology.

“I only disagree with Ruto ideologically, other than that there nothing personal,” says the former presidential advisor.

During a recent political rally, Gatundu North Member of Parliament Anne Wanjiku advocated for political castration of the political science graduate.

“I have lived with Kalenjins and I know their lifestyle, they castrate a bull that produces poor quality ‘seeds’ or the ugly breeds… just do the same for Kutuny,” she said.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi said, “Kutuny’s problem is having a thing for an older woman. Loving someone who is your mother’s age, she will spoil you like her son, you will lose direction.”


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