Fiona Kirubi eulogises her father as admirable, hardworking » Capital News

Fiona Kirubi eulogises her father as admirable, hardworking » Capital News

NAIROBI, Kenya, June 19 – Businessman Chris Kirubi’s youngest daughter, Fiona Kirubi, has mourned his father as an admirable hardworking man who taught her the trait of being independent, focused, and ambitious.

Fiona, while eulogizing his dad during a funeral service held on his farm in Thika on Saturday, she explained how his father challenged her to always do better and have a strong vision and ambition in her businesses.

“My dad taught me the meaning of hard work and independence and to always aim for the stars, he taught me that with great blessings come great responsibility,” she said.

“I would always accompany my dad to his endless meetings and it was during these moments we would always bond, I admire how we would always have discussions until late in the night,” Fiona Kirubi said.

She recalled how his father always helped her break down complex business ideas saying he helped shape how she understood business.

“He was never short of leaving you with words of wisdom and challenge you how to do better, that is why I realized how I admired him. I was amazed by him and his vision.”

“Whenever I shared vision with him, I enjoyed how he would go through the idea and how with ease, he would break it. In business, he saw ahead of how that business would look alike and it started to shape how I view things,” she recalled.

Fiona noted that her father’s life was a blessing to many and that the entire Kirubi family will honor and carry on his legacy.

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Dr Kirubi passed away on Monday aged 80. He had battled cancer since 2017.

According to the family, he developed complications early in the year prompting further medical intervention about a year after undergoing treatment abroad with great success.

The father of three chaired Capital FM, Haco Industries Limited, Kiruma International Limited, International House Limited, Nairobi Bottlers Limited, Sandvik East Africa Limited and DHL Kenya.


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