Fuel It: The rise of African superfoods

Fuel It: The rise of African superfoods

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Ancient African foods, which have remained unchanged over centuries, are growing in popularity for their superior nutritional value.

1. Teff

Teff is a highly nutritious grain grown in Ethiopia and Eritrea and used to make injera. It is high in calcium, protein, iron and Vitamin C and has become so popular that the Ethiopian government has put strict restrictions on its export.

2. Amaranth

Known in Kenya as mchicha or terere, amaranth is grown in many other African countries and contains 30 per cent more protein than other cereals. Amaranth can be used in cooking or to make porridge.

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3. Moringa

Native to Africa, moringa leaves are used fresh or ground into a powder. Moringa is so rich in protein, calcium, iron and vitamins A and C that is has been touted as a remedy for malnutrition in Africa. Add to food or drinks to consume.


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