Global tech, ad executives to test norm in Nairobi

Global tech, ad executives to test norm in Nairobi
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Global tech, ad executives to test norm in Nairobi

The only skill that has been a constant in all my years of experience is having an open mind.

Today’s world is different from the one I stumbled into when I joined the communications world by accident almost 40 years ago.

With the evolution of the communication mediums in Kenya — from AM to FM radio, one State broadcast station to multiple channels, and the advent of digital channels, the consumer has also changed to keep up with the global village.

This means that in tandem, advertising and communication has had to evolve to challenge and entertain the curious and discerning mind of the audience.

In Kenya, according to the World Bank Economic Update, the Information and Communication Sector experienced a 12.8 percent growth in 2018, driven by the expansion of the digital economy which includes mobile telephony, uptake of e-commerce and penetration of the internet.


This translates into a bombardment of information to the consumer, and a clutter through which everyone must cut through with precision to be heard.

This requires bringing together the best minds in marketing, technology, communication and brand building to discuss.

STREAM is a series of events across the globe defined as an ‘unconference’ o debate and discussions and a little bit of rebellion.

Here, the key agenda is to drive differentiated and unique ideas, thinking and learning.

We want to revolutionise how more than 100 brand leaders from various sectors across the region think and drive the future of communication from an African experience.

Discussions range from looking at e-commerce from lingerie sales to how your brain fights back and the systems that influence thinking, learning from a mother of two on how to get your sexy back, and the fairy tales that are part and parcel of the advertising world.

In and around the discussions, we have an extraordinary display of solutions, demonstrations and products from our partners that are already looking into that future of communications and technology that we’re talking about.

WPP-Scangroup is hosting not just the first Stream event in Kenya that challenges us to deliberate differently, as it brings conversation to the table in a unique format and perspective.

All we require from our guests is just one thing: come with an open mind that’s ready to challenge the norms and deliver inspiration to our audiences.

It is the only way we will achieve our purpose. To go back to our businesses with new ideas on creativity, business and life.

Stream Kenya is taking place today in Nairobi.

The writer is CEO and founder of WWP-Scangroup.


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