Going the hygge way : The Standard

Going the hygge way : The Standard
The hygge way. Danish interior decor philosophy that prioritises comfort and well-being in a home.

In an era of minimalist living, comfort is an important consideration when decorating space. What you choose to buy and how you decorate your space have a direct impact on your happiness.

The Danish people understand that, hence their adoption of a hygge life.
Hygge, pronounced “hoo-guh”, is a Danish lifestyle that tends to focus on bringing comfort and happiness to a living space and personal life.
It is associated with cosiness and comfort. Achieving a hygge lifestyle involves adding various items to your space that will make you more comfortable and cosy. It is important to piece together items that make your space both modern and comfortable.

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Most houses today are built to accommodate the bare minimum, hence the need to have only essentials within our spaces. Here are four easy ways to achieving a hygge lifestyle:
Having more than one light source in a given space is visually appealing and putting the shades to their decorative purpose. Lampshades are an overlooked component in most spaces but they are the easiest way of promoting hygge life within your space. Lampshades are mainly used in restaurants to create an ambience of cosiness.

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However, they can also be used in smaller spaces like homes, especially ceiling pendants. Ceiling pendants emphasise the height of a room.
They can easily make a small room look bigger because people will focus more on the length of the pendants rather than the size of small floors.

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For lampshades to work within a given space, it is important to have a working theme to make the flow easy.
Nature has its own way of creating a mood of relaxation, maybe from the fact that they purify the air. In the recent past, plants were mainly used to decorate gardens and porches.
Today, plants are used as part of interior décor. Plants give spaces life and create an illusion of freshness.
This doesn’t necessarily mean you move the whole of Amazon forest into your home, plants are good but they can be overbearing.

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This means they will easily take over your space if excessively used.
Plants need to be used to the bare minimum, an appropriately placed plant will not only make your home comfortable but also act as interior décor.
Not only do candles add a modern touch to your space, but candles also create warmth and a great level of cosiness. More so, candles that burn with essence light up a room and leave it smelling heavenly.
Considering the hygge life is all about making the space warm, candles blend in with the theme and create an ambience of wholeness and comfort. And because candles also symbolise a liveable space, give your space that ambience of belonging.

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Throw pillows
Throw pillows are an important component of creating that perfect environment for your comfort.
They come in handy especially when you need to raise your legs or sit more comfortably when watching movies or reading a novel.
One of the latest trends, throw pillows play a big role in interior design. Most seats are adopting throw pillows as backrests. The more throw pillows you add to your space the cosier it will look and feel.  
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