Gusii Youth Leaders Begin The Process Of Recalling Their MCA’s For Failing To Pass The Peoples Assemblies

Gusii Youth Leaders Begin The Process Of Recalling Their MCA’s For Failing To Pass The Peoples Assemblies

February 1, 2018,

Kisii Kenya



Ladies and Gentlemen of the 4th Estate, thank you for joining us today in this brief meeting.

We are aware of the current sanctions by the illegitimate Jubilee administration who are out to gag media freedom because they fear the power of the people.

We hope by whatever means this message gets out to the people and serve its intended purpose of informing the illegitimate government of the position Gusii Youth have sworn to protect despite the expected war raged to us by the Jubilee administration.

After several meetings and consultation programs, these are the resolutions that we came up with:

1.That we join the rest of the country in recognizing HE Raila Odinga as the duly elected People’s President and will take orders from him anytime.

2.That we congratulate HE Raila Odinga for taking the oath of office as the Peoples President. We are proud of him as young people as a bold leader who strives to find solutions to the problems facing the people.

3.That we disown Matiang’i as a son of the soil. His actions and way of doing things don’t augur well with the Kisii cultural upbringing. We choose to distance ourselves as members of the Abagusii Community from his recent attack on humanity. As a people, we respect lives and fear spill of innocent blood for whatever reason including pleasing political masters.

4.That we won’t allow the two Governors (HE Nyagarama of Nyamira and HE Ongwae of Kisii) to mislead the Gusii people that they are in NASA when they do meetings with Jubilee strategists. If they really are with us in the journey of liberating this country, let them state their position in public. They have in the recent past misbehaved with the NASA supporters in Kisii region by abandoning Raila Odinga at the time of his need. We shall proudly revisit without mercy

5.That the Gusii legislators and MCAs elected on NASA affiliate parties should also let the public know their position in regard to the current journey to ending electoral fraud in this country. This should be done quickly to make things right and be counted in the whole process. If not, we shall revisit again.

6.That no amount of intimidation will scare us. We won’t be cowed with/by the threats being run by the Jubilee illegitimate regime that includes arresting vocal NASA youth leaders, switching off leading TV stations, arresting vocal NASA leaders and propagating hate on social media with well-planned propaganda. We will forge on.

7.That we will soon start the process to recall Members of County Assembly who failed to execute their mandate of representing the interests of their people in the Assemblies and skipped passing the People’s Assembly bill.

8.That all young people from Kisii region are strongly in the journey to ending injustice in this country. We are fully dedicated to HE RT Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga, the legible Peoples President.

End of statement.

Beavon Magare Marube Dennis Amecha Tonny

Gusii Youth for Change

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