Hamisa Mobetto changes tune, declares she wants to wed

Hamisa Mobetto changes tune, declares she wants to wed
Hamisa Mobetto [Photo: Instagram @hamisamobetto]

Four months after vixen Hamisa Mobetto declared that she was done with dating after parting ways with her American boyfriend, the vixen seems to have had a change of heart.

Speaking to Risasi, Mobetto said that she wants a man she can call her own considering she has never wedded before.

Mobetto explained that she does not think there is a single woman out there who does not want to settle down.

“Sidhani kama kuna mwanamke ambaye hajaingia kwenye ndoa ambaye hatamani kuingia, kwa upande wangu kwa vile sijaingia kwa kweli natamani sana kuwa na ndoa ili niwe na mume ninayemmiliki,” said Mobetto.

In June, the singer cum entrepreneur declared that she had washed her hands off men two months after breaking up with the American whom she featured in her hit song Tunaendana.

“It’s just yesterday I was in a relationship and today I am single,” she wrote.

Hamisa Mobetto with ex-boyfriend [Photo: Instagram @hamisamobetto]

Explaining why she was exiting the dating scene, Mobetto – at the time – highlighted she had no time to be in a relationship.

She said she was busy and had no time to socialise courtesy of her engaging brand, business and family.

She narrated that though she is single, she has set herself targets that she must meet in business before opening up to love.

“Niko single, I’m not in any relationship and I’m not ready for now. I’m very busy to the point sidhani kwamba mimi ninaweza kumpa attention kama ipasavyo, kwa hiyo kuna vitu ambavyo navifanyia kazi, focused on my work na muda ambao unabaki nautumia na watoto wangu.

“The kids need her full attention channel her energy into her business and other things. But that doesn’t mean that I will be single forever. Kuna hatua nataka nifike basi nikishafika pale ndo nitafikiria kuwa na mahusiono tena,” she said.


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