‘He made a mistake!’ Andrew Kibe disappointed by Khaligraph Jones

‘He made a mistake!’ Andrew Kibe disappointed by Khaligraph Jones

There is war in the Morning Kiss FM studio between Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe.

The war is because Kibe is not a fan of the new school music and we all know Kamene loves the new music. Especially her babies, Ethic Entertainment.

Kibe mentioned that he believes the likes of E-sir and Nonini were the greatest and he had hope in Khaligraph Jones but he became a good boy,

Khaligraph made a mistake, he went and decided to be a good boy. This game does not require you to be good. Nonini and his troop were so up and it doesn’t matter what you do unless you change your language there was no other rap king who ever existed. I though Khaligraph would come in and take the lead but aah.

His main point is that there is no creativity and that is why the new school music is being flagged. It is basic. The old school era would sing about the same thing but it would be hard to put one and two together.

Before, someone like E-sir would talk about making love to a chic and our parents would not understand anything. So just improve your content.

Kamene Goro does not agree with her work bae at all, in fact, she calls Kibe out on the Khaligraph story saying he is a guy deep down from the hood but he has some serious English accent when the mic goes on. Now that is an OG!

He is straight from the hood, but when the mic went on, he goes straight to the American hood. #Playke started from a beef he started

Andrew Kibe pissed at the vulgar language in children’s book ‘Blood Ties’

She added that the likes of the Kansol wasted time in the Ochungulo Family’s song, Na Iwake that is now at a million-plus view on YouTube.

Madraxx wasted a whole 1 minute in the remix with Ochungulo

Kibe interjected and said the Kansol is not the target audience he is talking about.

we do not need to force people to play music. It needs to break the door it doesn’t need to knock. The content is very basic and that is why the music is being flagged.

Fire! Ethic at it again with new track ‘Chapa Chapa’

Kamene says the era of E-sir and Nonini was a good foundation and now the new era has come to sustain the good music.

Where do you stand? New era or the old school era?

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