‘How my grandfather’s body disappeared from the morgue,’ Tahidi High actor narrates

‘How my grandfather’s body disappeared from the morgue,’ Tahidi High actor narrates

Tahidi High actor George Muli has narrated how traumatized his family was after the body of their grandfather went missing from the morgue.

The body had been picked up by another family and buried three days before his planned burial day.

‘My grandfather had been sick but it did not look too serious.

He died while my father was receiving cancer treatment in India.

George added,

One day I was just going around my duties when I received a call from my mum while she was in India, she told me ‘Tata (grandfather) is dead.

My first reaction was to ask if my father had learned of the news and what his reaction had been.’

George Muli’s family

George said that his grandfather’s body had gone missing and at the time, the family was in the dark.

‘On the day of the burial we went to pick up my grandfather’s body but we were presented with a wrong body.

When the body was presented to us for viewing we were like ‘ This is not our grandfather, wher is he?’

and the attendants were like ‘Ndiye huyo’.

It was later when we all realized that his grandfather had already been buried. But by a different family.

”The same week my dad lost his dad, my mum also lost her mum.

My dad had to cut his treatment short so they came for the burial.

My grandmother was buried first and then we started making plans for my grandfather to be buried.

George added,

‘On the day of the burial, we were told his body was missing.

After a bit of deliberation, we were told our grandfather’s body had been taken two days before and buried.’

Friends and family had come to bid the old man goodbye but that was not to be.

‘People had come from all over to come to bury my granddad and telling them there would be no burial was crazy.’

George and his family had to obtain a court order to exhume their kin’s body to accord him a proper burial.

‘We exhumed the body and gave him a proper burial.

My dad was the one in charge of ensuring that things run smoothly as he is the firstborn.

On the day of the burial, my mum started complaining of chest pains.

George Muli

the day before the burial we had also been rushed to the hospital over the chest pains.

She, however, insisted on attending my grand father’s burial.’ 

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