Hussein Mohamed Quits Citizen TV

Hussein Mohamed Quits Citizen TV

Hussein Mohamed Citizen TVCitizen TV star journalist Hussein Mohamed has called it quits.

The journalist took to Twitter to announce his decision, saying he is taking a break to concentrate on ‘other matters’. He has been with Royal Media services for 10 years.

”It has been a wonderful 10 years at Citizen TV. I have enjoyed & relished every moment I shared with my colleagues at RMS. I have decided to take a break after October In Sha Allah to concentrate on other matters. Loved the fans, the critics & everything in between. See you soon.”

Hussein is widely recognised as one of the best, if not the best political interviewers. Unlike many others, he shoots straight and does not fear asking the toughest questions. He is also known to persist until he gets answers.

Some of his most memorable interviews involve Deputy President William Ruto.

As of now, it is unclear what he is going to do.


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