‘I am married but dating another married man’ Confessions on Kamene and Kibe’s show

‘I am married but dating another married man’ Confessions on Kamene and Kibe’s show

Kamene Goro was in a relationship about to be married but she decided to left because it was no longer a happy place to be in.

She confessed that she was happy at some point in her ‘marriage’ but when honesty disappeared, things changed or when you have to change to be someone else then the problem comes in.

Today on the Morning Kiss Kamene and Kibe together with their fans are trying to demystify if happy marriages still exist. Most of those who were chiming into the conversation were clear that these days no one is happy in a marriage.

A caller called in to give his experience as a guy who was in a relationship but hadn’t pulled the trigger on marriage yet. His decision was compounded by the fact that he’d had the opportunity to associate with women who are not happy in their marriages.

Marriage is not easy. I have been dating for 6 years but I am not married and before then I was dating married women and I tell you they go through a lot. Someone either wants pleasure or just someone to talk to. It is a two-way traffic and I wouldn’t want my wife to go through the same. From the experience I’ve had, I’ll give her all the attention I can. It got to a point I knew I was doing the wrong thing. She would call me and tell me she has booked a hotel and I’ll find her crying. It got to a point I realized I am doing the wrong thing because I would not want my wife to do the same. You have to fight for your marriage if you want  to be happy because marriages are no longer a happy place

Andrew Kibe posed a simple question; how is it that one is expected to conform to a man’s life after living alone for years making her own rules? Most women say they want to enjoy more of the good things in life then they settle down.

He gave an example of Kamene who is an independent girl living her best life. Now she has the freedom to do anything in her house. Then a man comes and you have to pass everything through him.

Another guy called in,

can we stop lying to each other? happily marriages do not exist . They are the same people who are kuling chics in campo. They are sponsoring some chic in uni.

Many of the people who called in were men saying they can be happy as long as they can be unfaithful.

‘I am not getting married again!’ Kamene Goro talks

A girl from Rongai called in saying because of the situation she has seen in marriages, she is not ready for it. In fact, she does not want it.

why should I get married? To who? First of all My mum is not happily married secondly my elder sister, problems in her marriage. Why should it happen? I have my life I am okay.

The situation is surprising Kamene but Kibe made it clear, that marriage and happiness can not be in one statement.

A lady who has been married for seven years confessed she is not happy. It was only for the first 3 years that her’s was a happy marriage. Then she found out her husband was cheating on her. She then decided it is time to just support each other.

I decided I will not sleep with young guys but married men. I am in a relationship with a married man and I am happy. As long as  I live my life he lives his life, we are okay. But i ma still with my husband

It is sad that this is what marriage has become yet people still have the hope of a family in this millenial age.

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