‘I am practicing self love’ Red flags in Chipukeezy and Kibanja’s relationship

‘I am practicing self love’ Red flags in Chipukeezy and Kibanja’s relationship

Comedian Chipukeezy and Kibanja were or maybe still are what Kenyans like to call, ‘a power couple’.

The two had kept their relationship a secret for a while but when it was exposed they decided to make it public.

Ever since we just love the two and whenever we asked Chipukeezy to comment about their relationship, he has more often than not said he doesn’t want to make her life miserable in this celebrity world. Because his previous relationship was so public and the ending of it was a disaster for his ex.

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Chipukeezy may have tried to hide a lot but the posts the two are posting may be a sign something is going on and it is not something good.

Kibanja was basically mentioning that it is time for her to love herself. Time for her to walk in purpose. Dear ladies, do those lines sound familiar? Because I know I have used them after a breakup, just to console myself that I matter more.

She then posted something else to back up the quote.

Of course, this made us investigate more and Chipukeezy seems to be mentioning the problem, communication. The biggest reason people leave relationships -do not quote me but… I think it even comes first before cheating.

This does not give us more information if he is the one who did not communicate or it is Kibanja but upon digging further turns out as of today, Chipukeezy no longer follows Kibanja on Instagram but she still follows him.

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Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying it is over but there is clearly something not right in their lives.

Kiss100 will keep you updated as soon as we get their comments on the topic.

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