I Hated Men but Now I’m Addicted, Huddah on Step Dad Beating her Mother

I Hated Men but Now I’m Addicted, Huddah on Step Dad Beating her Mother

Cosmetics businesswoman and socialite Huddah Monroe has recalled her difficult childhood growing up in an abusive environment in which her stepfather used to beat her mother.

In an uplifting post on social media, Huddah said she hated men as a result of her stepfather’s abuse against her mother.

Huddah used her story to encourage her followers going through tough times to keep on keeping on. She said she never had a role model growing up but she still made something out of herself with the cards she was dealt with.

“You don’t need role models to be who you want to be in life! Be yourself! Do you! It’s so hard being someone else! Everything I grew up around was toxic! I didn’t have anyone I could admire and be like. Like my stepdad used to beat the s*** out of my mom like crazy, I can never unsee it!

“I hated men so much, I can’t believe I’m so addicted to them right now. I still don’t think I can live with a man in the same house! Scary movie!” wrote Huddah.

Huddah also noted that due to the abject poverty they grew up in, nobody wanted to be associated with them.

“Nobody liked us, no one wanted to be associated with us coz we were poor and they’d donate their shoes and clothes to us and leave, so we didn’t have anyone at all to look at and even wish to be like one day!

“Long story short, all I wanna say is your past doesn’t determine your future! Your past is what happened to you it’s up to you to make your present what you ever envisioned! You deserve everything great and more! And never feel bad for it!”


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