‘I Reformed Akothee’ Ezekiel Mutua Takes Credit For Akothee’s good deeds

‘I Reformed Akothee’ Ezekiel Mutua Takes Credit For Akothee’s good deeds
Ezekiel Mutua

Kenya’s moral prefect, Ezekiel Mutua had showers of praise tailored for Akothee when he showed up for NTV’s Side bar show.

The KFCB boss commended Akothee for taking his criticism positively and finally accepting to lead the path of a respectful public person. To him, he shaped the dramatic singer to develop her current positive mindset.

Mutua described Akothee as a role model who is swiftly taking up the integral role of reshaping society’s humanity and walking in the footsteps of what being a celebrity entails.

Mid this year, Mutua had bashed Akothee for parting her legs indecently before her audience. He strongly accused her of lacking the basic decency that comes with being a woman.

For a while, Mutua harbored bad blood towards the singer and associated her with a number of ills and torn morality among young girls who closely monitored her footsteps. His change of tune, is however welcome being that Akothee has since been associated with positivity.

The mother of five has nonetheless managed to warm her way into the hearts of many Kenyans after extending a kind, helping hand to the less fortunate in Turkana. She has undoubtedly set the bar high for public figures who have little to show for their years in public service.

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