‘I was afraid he would bring a quarrelsome co-wife,’ De Mathew’s first wife speaks out

‘I was afraid he would bring a quarrelsome co-wife,’ De Mathew’s first wife speaks out

Sarafina Wairimu and Caroline Waithira the two wives of Mugithi maestro John De Mathew have opened up on how they came to be co-wives.

De Mathew passed away in August 2019 after a road accident near Blue Post Hotel, Thika.

Speaking during an interview with Switch TV, Caroline and Sarafina said they are at peace with each other with Sarafina explaining how it all began.

‘I couldn’t imagine that there could be someone else who will follow me but after 7 years I saw it from afar and I started preparing myself.

In Kikuyu if you are married to a polygamous family there is a probability you will find yourself in the same situation.’

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John De Mathew

Caroline the singer’s second wife said that she knew she would get married to a polygamous man as her grandfather was also polygamous.

‘As a second wife, you need to be God fearing. We met in 2013 during my birthday and he gave me a date adding that he wanted a second wife,’ she said.

Sarafina went on to add that their kids knew each other

‘Our kids knew each other even before Caroline and I met. Our husband would pick my daughter Shiku then pass by Carol’s place and pick up her son. At some point, I knew there was another woman because I am a psychologist and I knew when he was lying or not.’

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Sarafina said that she was not bothered about a second wife adding that her fear was who would it be?

‘I took my time to understand why he was behaving the way he was, according to his mother she expected his son to get married to two wives or more.

My fear was he would bring someone who would not respect me, or somebody who would start fighting. 

I had already accepted the fact because I loved my husband.

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