Iam not a Somali Citizen, Aden Duale cries out as State begins Investigations

Iam not a Somali Citizen, Aden Duale cries out as State begins Investigations

The government has commenced investigations into a number of parliamentarians who have citizenship of other countries. Top in the list is the Garissa Town MP Aden Duale, who is being probed on whether he is a Somalian citizen. Duale, who is already feeling the heat has come out to strongly deny the claims and say he does not even know what Somalia looks like.

“It is a matter of public notoriety that I am a proud Kenyan citizen and I do not hold dual citizenship and I have never held citizenship of another country and will never do. Mimi ni Mkenya kwa damu na daima nitazidi kuwa Mkenya (I’m Kenyan in the blood and will always be Kenyan)”, Duale said.

The Majority Leader in the National Assembly said he was being blackmailed by those he termed ‘busybodies’ after he refused to facilitate the approval of Mwende Mwinzi for appointment as the Ambassador to South Korea.

He said he has been receiving numerous calls to try help Mwinzi, but maintained his stand on the guidelines stipulated in the Constitution.

“Parliament shall not be arm twisted or blackmailed,” Duale wrote on his Twitter page.

He added, “ Indeed the so-called public interest litigators should have looked for other “clever” ways of arm twisting Parliament. This one falls flat like a flat tyre”.

Duale said “such blackmail is  laughable, a total shame, fake and requires to be treated just as such – total fabrications, generous with falsehoods and economical with truths”.

EACC has launched investigations into claims that several public officers hold dual citizenship, thus contravening the Leadership and Integrity Act . EACC chief executive Twalib Mbarak said the commission would take action, including mechanisms of removal from office of such officers if found guilty.

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