IAVI Sends Demand Letter To Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi For Defamation

IAVI Sends Demand Letter To Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi For Defamation

The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) has sent a demand letter to controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi following a series of exposés concerning the organization on his blog.

The demand letter dated 13th September, written by IAVI’s lawyer General Counsel Labeeb M. Abboub, the organization wants Nyakundi to retract and apologise to IAVI in the same prominence given to the defamatory articles. The letter further wants Nyakundi to write to IAVI that he shall cease making further baseless accusations against the organisation.

This is not the first time this site is covering the story of demand letters issued against the blogger. In our earlier article concerning Nyakundi vs Blowplast, the blogger contacted us and revealed that most of these demand letter he reads about them online and that he receives an average of 10 demand letters per month.

The blogger through his site http://cnyakundi.com had exposed cases of mistreatment of employees, infringement of privacy of patients and selling of data belonging to patients by one Dr. Kundai Chinyenze, allegations which IAVI terms as factual inaccuracies, false statements and defamatory.

‘The Article contains numerous factual inaccuracies, false statements and defamatory allegations against IAVI. The Article is baseless and unsubstantiated and you failed to verify the accuracy of the Article as provided under the Code of Conduct for the Practice of Journalism in Kenya. The Article is therefore defamatory’, IAVI said in the letter.

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