Is It Worth It to Buy Your Own Wireless Router

Is It Worth It to Buy Your Own Wireless Router

The question on whether you should or shouldn’t buy your router but instead rent from your ISP puzzles lots of people’s mind. Most likely, you who have just landed on this page, are perplexed at what exactly you should consider being an option in this situation. By looking closer on this matter, you will realize that it is all about money – how much you spend for your internet use. 

Quite typically, lots of people often complain of the high rates their ISP’s charge while what they get in most cases is raw deal. Often, slow and unreliable connection so much affected by blind spots. The kind of internet connection people would want is such a reliable connection accessible at only fair rates. 

Further, in this review, we are going to explain the pros and cons of each of these options and weight which would be worth consideration. Lets us begin by knowing how each of these situations works.

Renting Wireless Router From Your ISP  

If you have a bandwidth already. It’s probably because you have rented both modem and a router from your ISP. In this case, therefore, you are paying for their cable bills which they typically char 10 -20 dollars or even more a month. Well, it might look outrageous, but that’s it. The best option in such scenarios is buying your router – it is a little or cheaper.

Buying Your Own Wireless Router

Routers make sure you get the best value for the internet services you are getting. It gets you the right bandwidth at reasonable prices. If you make a proper installation of it, you will be able to access limitless strong internet network within its vicinity. Wireless routers coming with mesh are today’s’ trending routers you can rely on for quality supply of Wi-Fi. They are easier to handle and install. 

But, wait, before we rush into any conclusion over this. Let’s see a few factors worth considering before buying your wireless router instead of renting.

Key factors to consider when buying your wireless router

Whether or not your ISP allows you to use a personal router

If you have decided to buy your wireless router the very first question you should ask your self is whether your ISP allows it. Some ISP’s will while others will not. Some will only require you to you their particular hardware for the purpose. You should, therefore, verify such information with their customer care before you dive into any of these.

Ensure device compatibility

Not any modem or router you buy out there will work compatibly with your ISP equipment. You should always confirm this before making any purchases. Every ISP does have a compatibility list you should consider going through before. Or else, still you can contact their customer care unit to assist you more in the selection. 

How much cost difference does it make?

The main reason you most likely want your wireless router is that you want to pay low rates for your internet connection. The best routers and modem will so much help you achieve this. However, you must not forget that technology does not last forever. It keeps on changing. After some time, the router or modem you thought would last you forever may not be working any more let alone is no longer incompatible with your ISP equipment.

Typically, a router will last you between 24 to 36 months. Meaning if you buy one worth $100, you can determine how much you’ll be paying per month. You can factor in 36 months into the 100 dollars, that is 100/36. The dividend will be  $2.75 per month. Meaning this is what you will be paying per month. If therefore your usual ISP bills are $10 per month, buying your router, in this case, would save you quite a lot of money at least for those three years. 

Speed and Standard Information

LANs Standard information for any device is essential as it determines their performance speed. Maybe to make it more understandable, perhaps you have seen such information as 802.11ah, 802.11b, 802.11g somewhere in your device’s specifications. Usually, they are numbers, 802.11 followed by a letter or two. The latest wireless standard is 802.11ah. It creates extensively extensive range Wi-Fi networks going beyond the reach of a usual 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz networks.

If at all your internet connection is strong enough with high bandwidth, then you will need to use the very latest devices as well. For instance, if your laptop has the old standard of a decade ago, it certainly means it will never operate as fast as possible regardless of your fast internet connection. Buying your wifi router won’t be any useful.

Type of wireless router you want to buy  

If you buy a router whose network signal only serve a room, probably that won’t be any useful. In most cases, you will be buying a router to help connect all your places and even compound if you like. The non-effective types will never help you win this. The mesh network routers have so far been the best in helping with this. You can install its units in strategic positions to help intensify your network even in the dead zones. Otherwise, trying to set up your router will be a waste of time and resources. 

Final thoughts

As from the discussion above, it is quite clear that buying a personal router might be quite cost-effective than renting from an ISP. Few facts however you must remember includes finding out if your ISP supports the kind of router you want to buy. Against most importantly, the cost. Ensure you make your decision based on calculations. If at all you will be spending less but then getting effective services, then precisely that would be the route to take.

Sometimes it can be even more profitable/ advantageous to you if at all you have to sell your network to people around you. If several people subscribe to your network then you will be able to return your money as soon as possible. 



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