Jose Chameleone Reportedly told to Pay Millions or Get Killed

Jose Chameleone Reportedly told to Pay Millions or Get Killed

Ugandan dancehall musician Jose Chameleone is a concerned man after receiving death threats via text messages.

The hitmaker has since reported the threats to the police and is calling on investigators to speed up their investigations and arrest the culprits.

The singer took to Facebook to let the public know about the alleged death threats. He said a person calling themselves ‘General’ also demanded millions of cash.

“I have been receiving threats. This person calling himself General, I first received a message on the 10th September, they demanded 5Million or I get killed,” Jose wrote.

He went on to reveal that he ignored the messages but his blackmailers returned with another demand of Sh8 million.

“I ignored the requests and just again today, they are back asking me to send mobile money of 8Million shillings. I already made my police reports and hope the Uganda Police and security can apprehend such goons that are getting at large.

“We have had a lot of killings and I am not carrying this lightly. Whosoever is behind this. The public and authority are now aware.”

This comes as the ‘Valu Valu’ hitmaker plots a plunge into politics. The 40-year-old reportedly wants to be mayor of the capital, Kampala.

Last month, Chameleone reportedly relocated his family to the USA as a precaution against the volatile nature of Ugandan politics.


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