Juliani Opens Up On Having S3x In A Toilet And Stealing Other People’s Women

Juliani Opens Up On Having S3x In A Toilet And Stealing Other People’s Women

From being a marijuana addict, couch surfing and washing Johnny K-shaka’s boots, it’s evident that Juliani’s journey to stardom was never smooth.

On an article on his blog, the award-winning gospel artiste revealed that he lost his virginity at only 12 years old. By then he was in class 3 and apparently most of his peers were already exposed or somehow introduced to the adult business.

By the time I was in class 3 we were already exposed or somehow introduced to sex. There was always a naked magazine being passed around when the teacher has his back on us, concentrating on the black board busy trying to find X.

The rapper who’s now in a relationship with the sexy TV star Brenda Wairimu also opened up on watching in Dandora and stealing other student’s ‘women’ in high school.

“My experience happened in the school toilet. Every Friday in our school was overall cleaning day. Whereby classes took turns in washing the entire school. This particular Friday was our turn. The teacher was always not around; the activities were supervised by head boys and school prefects.” 

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I was tense, but I had to do what I had to do after all few of my friend knew what I was up to. The girl of my choice was tall, light-skinned and we always make eye contact in class. I occasionally threw chewed paper at her; This wasn’t paper mache, we called it paper mate! A strange childish way of declaring love!

The date was set. The girls’ washroom, of course, was separated from the boys but after a certain hour of time, the rules don’t apply.

I didn’t know what it means, how to do it. I just had to. My “partner in crime” was aware and we made a decision; how and when it’s gonna go down.

And It went down! the clothes and indeed the deed.

‘That is someone’s wife, bruv!’ Ephy Saint attacked for dating Juliani’s ex, Brenda Wairimu

By the time it got to this, it was more of adding a bad fruit to a basket of bad fruits. When a fire is not controlled, it becomes destructive.

In every neighbourhood, you have the video dens, mostly wooden structure where they show movies and nowadays the football matches. Past 8 pm was forbidden for kids; no posters were up on the board where they display rosters of the days movies to play.
It’s supposed to be adult-only but for the right prices, a toddler can join the “Mambo mseto.”
We always walked from Dandora phase 4 to phase 2 to watch adult movies. To avoid familiar faces. The videos dens at that time are dark inside, with guys chewing miraa with coke or sprite in their hand sipping, not removing the bottle top instead punching a hole in the middle of the bottle top.

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