Kalonzo Sh2m donation to Nyandarua school angers Kambas – Weekly Citizen

Kalonzo Sh2m donation to Nyandarua school angers Kambas – Weekly Citizen

Kambas are still reeling with disbelief and seething with rage after Kalonzo Musyoka donated a cool Sh2 million at a harambee in aid of a secondary school in Nyandarua county. Social and digital media platforms were awash with the picture of Kalonzo
handing over the two bofulo-sized amount to Nyandarua governor Francis Kimemia who seemed as bemused as he was surprised by the donation. The harambee is still the talk of the town and village in Ukambani and diaspora with Kambas scratching their heads bald as they puzzle over the huge donation never seen anywhere in Kenya from a single individual since the Sh2 million
that was donated in 1990s by John Harun Mwau at a youth harambee officiated by then president Daniel Moi at Nairobi’s Uhuru Park.

Kalonzo Musyoka

Kambas are fearing that Kalonzo might have exhausted himself and will never again be seen at a harambee for years.Incidentally, Kalonzo has not been seen at a harambee ever since he was vice president, which would make that nine good years. All he has been doing is to send small donations sometimes of over Sh5,000 that those who are given to deliver do not bother to take because of the shame that would expose Kalonzo to. Others top up with a much bigger amount to make it more presentable. It was therefore phenomenally disturbing that Kalonzo would take millions of shillings to a harambee outside Ukambani more so when his own region is dying for aid. Ironically, the Nyandarua harambee came in the week when the media was flooded with images of the despicably deplorable Mandongoi Primary School in Kalonzo’s home of Mwingi with pupils learning in
dilapidated mud-walled classrooms with huge holes on the walls so that one from outside could see the inside of the classroom and vice versa.

Jackson Kala

Indeed, when it is time to go for break, lunch or home at Mandongoi Primary School, pupils do not need to go through the door and they just leave the classroom through the nearest hole in any direction. The same applies when it comes to entering the class. Yet this is the condition of nearly all schools in Kitui county which in the 2020 KCPE rating it was near the bottom while Nyandarua was near the top. In comparison to Mwangambo Mixed Day Secondary School, in Nyandarua where Kalonzo took the two bofulos to, Kitui schools are from another world. Those who accompanied Kalonzo to what was to him a high profile trip were Labour CAS Jackson Kala, Kitui senator Enock Wambua, Kaiti MP Joshua Kimilu, Mbula Mutula and Wiper operatives David Muting’a and Dee Kivuva who is ever complaining about not being rewarded for his unto-the-death loyalty to Kalonzo.

Enock Wambua

It must have been a heartsick Dee who returned home to Machakos town that evening seeing all those blocks of notes being left in Nyandarua when he can’t have had more than Sh5000 in his wallet. What purpose that huge amount Kalonzo took to Central and was meant to serve being what many are yet to find a sensible answer to was it an attempt to endear himself to the Kikuyus? If that be so, Kambas and Kikuyus say, then Kalonzo will cart the last shilling from Ukambani to Kikuyu land and that will never win him votes there. Up to about 2012, Kalonzo had been the darling of Kikuyus for saving Mwai Kibaki presidency in 2008 when Kalonzo who had come third in the 2007 presidential elections, threw his weight behind Kibaki when Kibaki was under immense pressure from Raila Odinga who said that Kibaki had robbed him of his victory.

Joshua Kimilu

Kenya was then burning and by siding with Kibaki whom Kikuyu community was being sidelined in a well-calculated 42 against one scheme by Raila, it was a huge favour Kalonzo had done the Kikuyus if you asked them and they felt that they owed Kalonzo a debt. It was against this background that it had been seen as a sure bet that Kalonzo would succeed Kibaki with the backing of Kikuyus once Kibaki’s tenure ended in 2012. In what has been seen by analysts as one of Kalonzo’s biggest political blunders in his career, Kalonzo when it came to picking which side to bet from for the 2013 elections, threw his bet behind Raila even as those among his followers who know how to forecast the political weather told him to hitch his wagon with Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto.

Mbula Mutula

Kalonzo and Raila went on to cobble the Cord coalition that was walloped by Uhuruto coalition Jubilee party. Come 2017 and Kalonzo to the disbelief of those who had been telling him to abandon Raila, once again went with Raila as running mate. It was during these campaigns that Kalonzo squandered whatever had remained of the goodwill Kikuyus had for him. Seeming a bitter man, Kalonzo made scathing attacks against the Kikuyu the most severe being at Uhuru Park when he told Kikuyus to lie low. This was seen as a threat to the community and they construed it to mean that they would be cut to size in a Raila-Kalonzo presidency.


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