Kamati ya roho chafu! Why being a rich kid like Ngina Kenyatta is hard

Kamati ya roho chafu! Why being a rich kid like Ngina Kenyatta is hard

Being a scion of a wealthy family especially from famous parents isn’t easy.

Most of the rich kids live under the shadow of their parents. They also have to deal with the glare of the media and public.

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Below are some of the things rich kids of Kenya the likes of Ngina Kenyatta and Saumu Mbuvi go through.

1. Trolled

Rich kids are often trolled online over anything from dress code to parents’ mistakes. Critics expect you to dress in expensive designer clothes and always be on top of fashion trends. Politicians’ children suffer the most especially when they made distasteful remarks.

2. Be perfect

Most expect these kids to be perfect and even in their relationships. A good example is Saumu Mbuvi, who’s always trolled for her imperfect relationships.

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3. No partying

Hanging out at social events and joints isn’t easy. Paparazzi’s are always on the lookout to take photos and videos of every move they make.

4. Date or interact with people from your social class

Most of the rich kids associate with people from their social class. Those seen hanging with people from their lower classes as branded broke. Basically being a rich kid is a problem.

5. Limited social media life

They are barely on social media. For those who have social media accounts have put their accounts on private and don’t post more often.

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6. Must be cultured all time

They are neither expected to respond to critics and use vulgar language. Some even fear to post photos of bikinis for fear of being trolled.



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