#Kamene and Kibe. The plight of the boy child as they talk about police harassment

#Kamene and Kibe. The plight of the boy child as they talk about police harassment

The boychild according to Andrew Kibe is under siege and they are not safe.

Today the show had so many people coming out to give their experiences with cops and most of them were men. This was a conversation that was sparked after Andrew Kibe was yesterday in court over claims he has a 2.5 million debt.

A guy who sells mitumba (second-hand clothes) gave his story that was just sad.

I was taken to prison for a crime I did not commit. I was just shopping at Naivas in the morning and they came for me saying that I was Mungiki. I was in remand for 3 weeks. That day I was just going to sell clothes which is my hustle. I m just 21 years old. In Industrial Area Remand Prison, I found a lot of young guys who have been accused. Even today I am still handling the case. People are being arrested for nothing especially in Embakasi at night.

Kamene Goro was saddened by what is going on in society. Because her time in a cell was not as bad as the callers but it never left her the same she says.

I was in a cell for 21 hours but I was there for a crime I did not commit though my treatment was not that bad.WHAT OD 3 WEEKS IN REMAND?GOSH

Andrew Kibe who is still recovering from his experience said this is a big problem.

these guys have no humanity at all. They write something that is not true and the sad reality is that you can not do anything about it.

I was taken to court and I was told I must chomoa money for these guys and I am a radio presenter and but I did not have. Imagine these guys who are selling mitumba. What is their agenda? They have now made more maximum remand prisons and that is how we are developing. We need to look into this justuce system because it is crazy.

Kamene and Kibe puzzled by a lady who has taken her daughters lover to court

The one cry both Kamene and Kibe had was that ladies need to have these conversations because these are their husbands, brothers and sons. Women that are they doing about it? Kamene asked, “Have we made society toxic for the boy child?”

Listen in to the sad stories of police harassments cases below:

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