Keep Your Food and Drinks Off Our Trains! Kenya Railways Orders

Keep Your Food and Drinks Off Our Trains! Kenya Railways Orders

Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) commuters are a shocked lot after Kenya Railways on Wednesday October 2, unveiled new rules that will restrict commuters from carrying their favorite drink and snack on their 5 hour trip.

In the new rules, carry out foods and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, have been banned. The body announced that the aforementioned items will be considered contraband and that they shall be confiscated at entry points.

Following the stern regulations, passengers will now be forced to deal with hunger or acquire overpriced foodstuff and drinks served by the SGR attendants on board.

The directive comes a few days after shameful pictures and videos of a disorderly drunk couple emerged online. In the video, passengers seemingly too drunk to hold their heads up, could be seen with one draining a Southern Comfort bottle of it’s last remains while spitting profanities.

Disgruntled passengers using the train had complained bitterly of groups of people who made it a habit to carry alcoholic drinks into the train, drink to a stupor and cause discomfort to other passengers. Kenya Railways was blamed for failing to implement the no foodstuff and beverage into the termini.

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