Kempinski’s New Cappuccino Worth Sh 5,500 Per Cup

Kempinski’s New Cappuccino Worth Sh 5,500 Per Cup

What is the highest you have paid for a cup of coffee? Nairobi’s Villa Rosa Kempiski has introduced an African first pure gold cappuccino.

Going for Sh 5,500 per cup, the cappuccino contains 24-carat edible gold flakes, edible rose petals from Italy and foam milk. It is also made from fresh brew Kenyan coffee meaning it contains local ingredients except for the gold flakes.

“We would like to keep that as a mystery,” Villa Rosa’s Director of Food and Beverage Mohammad Mohammad said when asked where the flakes come from.

Flavorless, odorless, and nontoxic, the 24-carat pure gold used to garnish the special Cappuccino is 100 percent edible. The gold is an inert metal which easily passes through the human digestive system after about 24 hours unchanged without causing any harm or reaction on the body.

Being the main difference between this cappuccino and others, the flakes bring a few health benefits.

“In general, edible gold has many benefits. Few to mention are smoothening and lighting the skin, relieving stress, and enhances the happiness mood,” Mohammad commented.

“Kempinski is a brand that is renowned globally for unique guest experiences. We know no limits when it comes to craftsmanship,” said an equally excited Roberto Simone, General Manager at the hotel.

“We understand that luxury in our industry is an exacting craft which must be crafted. It comes from deep expertise and this is meticulously cultivated over time. This Gold Cappuccino is a highlight of this achievement.” Simone added

Rare Commodity

Villa Rosa has is the first hotel in Africa to introduce the gold cappuccino. Globally, it is the second after the UAE where the cappuccino can be found in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is so rare in the World hence the high price.

There was hardly any samples during the launch of the cappuccino, probably because of gold’s rareness. Those present only witnessed the process of making the coffee and tasted the gold flakes.

Before it’s launch, Villa Rosa had already received 10 orders of the unique drink. The hotel hopes to attract high-end customers with the gold cappuccino. This will probably help Villa Rosa reduce competition with other Nairobi hotels.


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