Kenya: Ayimba Baby Mama Says She’s ‘Forgiven’ Her Inlaws

Kenya: Ayimba Baby Mama Says She’s ‘Forgiven’ Her Inlaws

Deceased rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba’s baby mama Gloria Moraa says she’s forgiven his family members for the tribulations they put her through before and after his death.

In an emotional interview with Radio Jambo, Moraa, an actress who is famously referred to as Nyaboke also said she’d separated from the rugby star two years before and when he died.

The former Taahidi High actress also explained that despite surviving a failed marriage earlier on plus the eight-year-old affair with Ayimba that didn’t end too well, she is ready to date again.

“I will date again,” she said.

“It is someone’s loss to lose me. I have four kids. I am not ready to get more kids but you never know. I may prefer a man who already has kids and we can try out something. God gave me love. I want to share it.”

Moraa says she met Ayimba moments weeks after a divorce from her husband of seven years and went on to live with him for eight years.

The love affair with the ex-rugby international had ups and downs and the couple was blessed with two children.

“I met Ayimba when I’d just gone through a divorce. He made advances and I initially refused. I thought I was his second wife but it turned out I was wife number three. He has about ten children. Our love was okay but we had several challenges and after eight years, around 2018, we went separate ways.”

At the height of their differences, Moraa filed a case in court seeking child support from Ayimba.